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Fonts of the month are not available anywhere else, and will include my distinctive display faces, experimental designs, and exclusive previews of upcoming retail typeface families.

By diversifying your font collection at a minimal cost, this club will push you to try new and interesting type in your work. Join today!

August’s Font of the Month: CRAYONETTE DJR

Crayonette DJR is a revival of Crayonette, a typeface designed by Henry Brehmer and first issued by Philadelphia’s Keystone Type Foundry. Until now, this typeface has survived without a digital interpretation that does it justice. This delightfully quirky italic features horizontal stress, luxurious curves, and oversize swash capitals. Crayonette DJR retains the key features and proportions of the original, but improves its spacing and tames a few of the wilder letterforms. Use this typeface with care, and it won’t take too much to add a healthy dose of that weird and wonderful Victorian charm to your page or screen. See more Crayonette DJR »

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What’s the point of this club? In addition to creating my retail type families, I love working on small side projects that revisit an unusual typographic style or explore a particular concept. Sometimes these blossom into full-fledged families; other times they remain a standalone design. Either way, I believe that novel fonts require a novel approach to licensing, and this club is my way of sharing them with you.

How do I join? Sign up for a subscription using this easy form. You can choose a 3-month, 6-month, or yearlong subscription. I care about your personal information, and will only use it for the noble purpose of sending you awesome fonts!

What happens next? After you complete the signup form, you will immediately see a download link for the current font of the month. During the first week of each month that follows, I will email the new license and font files for that month’s typeface. Let me know if you don’t receive it!

What’s the license like? The fonts are distributed under my standard Mini license, which permits up to 3 desktop workstations, 15,000 monthly web visitors, and 1 e-book. You can contact me at any time to upgrade to a larger license at prices comparable to my other retail families.

What characters will the fonts have? Character sets for these fonts will vary. Some of the display fonts may have limited repertoires, but should be usable in all major European languages that use the Latin alphabet. Whatever they lack in completeness, they will make up for it in charisma!

Will you make stylistic variations of fonts from previous months? I may. My goal is to provide you with modest yet usable typefaces, and if I think an italic or bold or shaded style is warranted, I will make it (especially if I get requests). That being said, I will be sure to spread these out across the year, and will ensure that the differences are meaningful (no Medium weight this month, Semibold the next).

Can I get a gift subscription? Of course! On the checkout form, simply enter the name and e-mail of the recipient/licensee and then provide your own payment information. The recipient will be notified shortly thereafter. If you want to receive the receipt instead of the recipient, enter your own e-mail as the “Receipt email.”

What if there’s a problem? If you choose to terminate your license within 30 days of signing up, I will issue you a full refund. If you have a problem with any font I send you, get in touch and I will try to help. If I am unable to deliver a font over the course of any month that you have subscribed for, I will naturally reimburse you for the cost of that month.

Any other interesting outlets for display fonts? This project was inspired by The Pyte Foundry and Photo-Lettering; you should check them out! Since launching, I learned from Florian Hardwig that Georg Salden did something like this starting in! And even more recently, I learned that Chank Diesel also had a program of the same name.

When will this project end? I’m not sure! Let me do a year’s worth and then we will see what happens.

What happens to the current font of the month after the month is over? After the month is over, the current Font of the Month will no longer be available on my site. Some fonts may disappear for a while and re-emerge as retail type families, while others may remain available for licensing upon request at normal retail prices. In most cases, current members can contact me to license a previous installment at a price equal to two months at their current monthly rate (between $12 and $16).

Can you tell me what next month’s font will be? No! Half of the fun is that you don’t know exactly what you’re signing up for!

Will any reversed stress fonts be involved? Without a doubt!